Castello di Tassarolo Monferrato Chiaretto 2018, ‘Rosa Spinola’

Castello di Tassarolo Monferrato Chiaretto 2018, ‘Rosa Spinola’


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A full bodied and muscular rosé, made from 100% Nebbiolo. This late ripening variety is named after the autumn mists (the nebbia) that descend on the vineyards of Piemonte before the grapes are ripe enough to harvest.

Indeed, this warming rosé is perfect for autumn. Expect flavours of roses, cherries and strawberries, with a leafy, earthy undertone.

From a 13 hectare estate in Monferrato. Wine has been made on the estate since 1367. The vineyards are farmed biodynamically, and Massimiliana Spinola eschews the use of heavy machinery, and farms the land using heavy horse instead.

Though heavy, horses are considerably lighter than tractors, and farming the land this way can prevent soil compaction, and increase aeration and microbial life in the soil.

2018; cork; 13.5% abv

Certified organic