Dominio de Punctum, Pet Nat ‘Lanzado rosato’

Dominio de Punctum, Pet Nat ‘Lanzado rosato’


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New Pet Nat / ancestral method / natural sparkling, from Cuenca, a high altitude and high quality sub region within La Mancha, Spain, where the dry conditions make larger scale organic farming feasible. Dominio de Punctum farm biodynamically, and harvest at night, when acidity levels are higher in the wine, adding definition.

Pet Nats are made by bottling the wine before it finishes its first fermentation, rather than adding sugar and yeast to a dry base wine. This means that they are made using only the natural sugars in the grape, and that they are bottled without fining and filtration – they will have some sediment and be a bit hazy in appearance.

This Garnacha is a vibrant and restorative beverage, with a strong spine of acidity and soft, persistent bubbles. Bold candied red fruits on the palate – strawberry, redcurrant, cherry. A great arrival or celebratory drink, and a versatile food wine.

2020; crown cap; 13% abv

Certified organic