Jérome Bretaudeau, Muscadet ‘Gabbro’

Jérome Bretaudeau, Muscadet ‘Gabbro’


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Our regular Muscadet Sévre et Maine, from Domaine de Bellevue, fell victim to the frost in 2021.

But fear not – we’ve taken the ‘next one up’ from the same winemaker. Named after the igneous rock that lies beneath the vines, ‘Gabbro’ is a richer, weightier and more mature style.

There’s a lovely tension here between a tight-knit mineral structure and a generous and broad mouthfeel.

There are hints of lemon, pear and russet apple, and some salinity; but most of all this tastes of the place, of the earth – of the substrata, if you will…

2018; cork; 12.5% abv