Meinklang Six

Meinklang Six


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Two orange wines, two still reds – and two sparkling reds.

We’re delighted to work with Meinklang, A vanguard member of the natural wine scene, they are innovative and holistic producers in Burgenland, on the border between Hungary and Austria.

Their 70 hectares of vines are part of a large mixed farm, on which they keep Angus cattle, ensuring a steady supply of manure for making biodynamic preparations, and ensuring a ‘closed loop’ system of agriculture, where the abundant fertility of the site in constantly renewed by its own nitrogen cycle, rather than relying on adding nitrogen and other chemical inputs. This ensures their wines are ultimate expressions of their land.

In this curated six pack, you will receive one bottle each of:

Foam Rot 2019: Red Pet Nat. Juicy and lightly fizzy. Blackcurrant, raspberry, cherry

Zweigelt Graupert 2017: Tangy red, the fruit of unpruned vines. Pomegranate, balsamic, almond

Pinot Gris Graupert 2018: Legendary amber/orange wine, from the same vineyard. Blood orange, chamomile, tea

Morgen edition 2 2020: Bright, open and experimental sparkling wine, made by refermenting a still red with fresh white grape juice. Light red in colour. Cherry, goji berry, hibiscus

Weißer Mulatschak 2020: Tangy and fruity amber/orange wine. Rose petals, apricots, pink grapefruit

Roter Mulatschak 2020: Joyfully light, fresh and fruity red. Blueberries, brambles, beetroot