Nibiru, Blauer Portugieser ‘Grundstein’

Nibiru, Blauer Portugieser ‘Grundstein’


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Juicy, light and fruity, and only 10% abv. Supple and sappy Austrian red, from the Kamptal region, from Blauer Portugieser grapes. Bold flavours of blackberry, blackcurrant and cherry, with a slightly meaty undertone. If you enjoy Gamay and Beaujolais, you’ll probably enjoy this. Enjoyable chilled or at room temperature.

Nibiru, by the way, is the name of a planet which, in Sumerian literature, was said to enter our solar system every 4,600 years, and orbit the sun in the opposite direction to the other planets – so it seemed an appropriate name for a young couple going against the grain in their winemaking.

2019; cork; 10% abv

organic in conversion