Richmond Plains, Pinot Noir 2018

Richmond Plains, Pinot Noir 2018


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Richmond Plains was planted by a Yorkshireman in the 90s, this was New Zealand’s first certified organic Pinot Noir. It’s now owned and operated by devoted organic growers Lars Jensen and his wife Sam.

The cooler climate of Nelson gives a leaner style than we find in Marlborough, with plenty of bright fruit – strawberries, cherries, raspberries. Barrel ageing with 15% new oak adds a hint of vanilla, and there is classic Pinot Noir earthiness.

When we were volunteering at Richmond Plains in 2018, the winemaker Steve Gill said that good Pinot is about finding the right balance between fruitiness and savouriness – something he has done very well.

The damp and humidity brings challenges to organic farming, as more moisture leads to greater fungal disease pressure.. Richmond Plains use a regime of compost teas and preparations that compete with potential pests, and the fruit we saw in the vineyards was the healthiest we’ve seen anywhere. They also bottle using the lightest glass bottles currently available in New Zealand.

2018; screw cap; 13.5% abv

Certified organic