About Substrata Wines

We’re the conduit between sustainable producers and conscientious consumers. We bring you delicious wines from natural vineyards, made by small independent producers.

about us

We are two brothers with a passion for all things vinous. Devotees of natural and low intervention wines, in 2018 we decided to get our hands dirty. We quit our jobs and headed south to work on chemical-free New Zealand and Tasmanian vineyards, to get our hands in the earth, and to learn that great wine begins underground.

Anyone interested in wine quality (not wine quantity) gets interested in soil health. That’s why so many producers are moving away from systemic chemical use in the vineyard..

That is a great start. We want to take it further, and work with small independent producers. whose vineyards are worked by people, not by machines.

We prefer hands-on in the vineyard, and hands-off in the winery. We favour minimal manipulation – natural yeasts, slow fermentations, minimal additives, filtration and sulphites.

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