Churton, Pinot Noir 2019

Churton, Pinot Noir 2019


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Sam and Mandy Weaver planted their vines on an undulating ridge line between the Waihopai and Omaka valleys in in 1997. This was (and remains) the height of idiosyncracy in Marlborough, where most vines are planted on the fertile soils of the valley floor, allowing for full mechanisation. At Churton, everything is done by hand, on low cut canes.

This European style is reflected in the wine. The bright New World fruit adds definition, but it is tempered by some Old Word finesse, and there’s an elegance and poise to this Pinot that has similarities with good Burgundy.

Intensely aromatic, this emphasises the savoury and earthy character of Pinot. There’s still strawberry and raspberry fruit character too, and some notes of vanilla, toast and cloves from a judicious use of oak.

Heaven with mushroom dishes, and could stand up to lamb or pork too.

2019; cork; 12.5% abv