Davenport, Pet Nat 2020

Davenport, Pet Nat 2020


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A whole new face of English sparkling wine.

Pet Nats (or ‘Pétillant Naturels’) are an old school sparkling wine making method; rather than creating a dry base wine and adding sugar and yeast to start a secondary fermentation, Pet Nats get their bubbles by bottling the wine before the first fermentation is complete, so the carbon dioxide that’s released is kept inside the bottle, giving the wine a gentle fizz.

Pet Nats are unfiltered, so the wine stays on its lees until you pop the (crown) cap. Best enjoyed young, they are yeasty, fresh, hazy, and informal.

This one is a flagship UK low intervention wine, from holistic organic producer Will Davenport’s small (8 hectare) estate in Horsmonden, Kent. In this wine, Will uses only the natural sugars of the grapes, the natural yeasts on the grape skins, and eschews any added sulphites.

It has bright green apple and lemon fruit character, and a creamy texture. At only 10.5% abv., it makes for perfect Sunday afternoon sipping.

2020; crown cap; 10.5% abv

Certified organic; no added sulphites