David Ramnoux, Pineau des Charentes

David Ramnoux, Pineau des Charentes


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A traditional drink of the Cognac region in south west France, which is enjoying a cult revival. Made by blending one year old Cognac with fresh grape juice, this is a drink for all seasons. Warming in the winter at a lively 17.5%, and refreshing in the summer, because you’d never guess it was that strong. Bold grape flavours, the flavour density of a young Cognac, softened and balanced by residual sweetness. Enjoy chilled in warmer weather, perhaps over ice.

David Ramnoux was an early adopter of organic viticultural techniques, and has recently converted to biodynamics, meaning that all the grapes that he makes into wine, which he then distils into cognac, are certified biodynamic.

NV; stopper; 17.5% abv

Certified biodynamic