Fasoli Gino, Recioto di Soave, ‘San Zeno’

Fasoli Gino, Recioto di Soave, ‘San Zeno’


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A sweet labour of love. Delicious dessert wine, made by harvesting ripe and looser bunches of Garganega, and allowing them to dry for 5 months before pressing, concentrating the sugars and flavours. The resulting wine is matured on new oak barriques for over two years, imbuing flavours of butterscotch and vanilla. Also expect notes of peach, apricot, almond and marmalade. Enjoy this 50cl bottle as a luxurious aperitif on a warm day, or after a meal, perhaps with a cheese plate, fresh fruit or frangipane.

From Fasoli Gino, pioneers of organic viticulture in Italy’s Veneto region, who have helped other local growers move away from the chemical sprays that encouraged ultimately unsustainable bulk wine production in the area.