Gomez Nevado, Pálido

Gomez Nevado, Pálido


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Craft ‘sherry’. Made in the same way, using a solera, but north of Jerez, in the mountains of Sierra Morena. This family owned and operated small 8 hectare estate was Spain’s first certified organic vineyard.

Gomez Nevado use Palomino, Pedro Ximénez and Airen as their grape varieties; their wines are made using indigenous yeasts, and despite being over 15% in alcohol, are never fortified. They mature in old amphora before being bottles by hand, without fining or filtration.

This is true artisanal wine, but the last guardians of a once proud tradition of solera winemaking in Sierra Morena.

This wine is as salty as any Manzanilla, with notes of soy sauce and grilled almonds. Serve chilled as an aperitif, or with tapas.

NV; cork stopper; 15% abv

Certified organic