Smallfry, ‘Eclectik Violet’ 2021

Smallfry, ‘Eclectik Violet’ 2021


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A new, and lighter, side to Barossa. A blend of older plantings of Grenache with newer plantings of drought-resistant Cinsault, a variety more commonly seen in the Languedoc, and in France sometimes called ‘the Pinot Noir of the south’, due to its light and slightly earthy character.

This is a gorgeously pale, soft and drinkable red, with minimal tannins and only 12% alcohol. Notes of raspberry, strawberry and cherry, and hint of almond.

Wayne Ahrens and Suzi Hilder cut their wine teeth with Jacob’s Creek, but wanted to make small batch, low intervention wine, without using systemic chemicals. So they quit their secure jobs and took on an old, mixed planted, biodynamic vineyard in Vine Vale, Barossa, which had been tended for the previous 52 harvests by Ken Schlieb.

2021, screw cap, 12% abv